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    When it comes to the world of toilets, Toto reigns supreme. Originating from Tokyo, Japan, Toto has become a worldwide name synonymous with superior bathroom products and unparalleled performance. Toto's commitment to research and product development is unwavering, making them the top manufacturer in the bath industry. Toto Canada offers a vast sel... Show more


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    Toto - Drake - 2-Piece Toilet - U-Height - Cefiontect
    C$ 372.40 Excl. tax
    TOTO - C5 - Washlet

    TOTO - C5 - Washlet

    Elevate your bathroom experience with the TOTO C...
    C$ 801.50 Excl. tax
    C$ 1,594.35
    C$ 948.50
    TOTO - Carlyle II - 1PC Elongated Bowl - Washlet+ Connection - Cotton
    C$ 948.50 Excl. tax
    TOTO - Guinevere - Elongated - Soft Close Seat - Cotton
    C$ 195.30 Excl. tax
    TOTO - LEGATO 1PC SS234 WASHLET + - Display
    C$ 1,200.00 Excl. tax
    TOTO - Washlet - G450 Integrated Smart Toilet - Cotton
    C$ 4,176.20 Excl. tax
    C$ 1,566.00
    C$ 1,208.90
    TOTO - Aquia IV - 1PC Elongated Bowl - Washlet+ Connection - Cotton
    C$ 1,208.90 Excl. tax
    TOTO - EP - Wall-Hung Bowl - Cotton

    TOTO - EP - Wall-Hung Bowl - Cotton

    the perfect combination of modern elegance and u...
    C$ 546.00 Excl. tax
    TOTO - S7 - Washlet Seat

    TOTO - S7 - Washlet Seat

    The TOTO S7 Washlet Seat offers luxurious hygien...
    C$ 1,745.42 Excl. tax
    TOTO - Basic Round Push Plate - Dual Button
    C$ 115.50 Excl. tax


    When it comes to the world of toilets, Toto reigns supreme. Originating from Tokyo, Japan, Toto has become a worldwide name synonymous with superior bathroom products and unparalleled performance. Toto's commitment to research and product development is unwavering, making them the top manufacturer in the bath industry. Toto Canada offers a vast selection of bathroom products, including toilets, bidet seats, faucets, and showers. With a focus on innovation, Toto continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of bathroom design and technology. If you're looking for a product that offers the most exceptional quality and performance, Toto is the brand for you.


    Toto features 

    When it comes to upgrading the most essential item in your bathroom, the toilet, the options can be overwhelming. But if you're searching for a toilet that combines sleek design, innovation, and eco-consciousness, look no further than Toto's selection of toilet features. With options like the one piece skirted toilet, which offers a sophisticated look and efficient cleaning, and the double cyclonic flushing system, which uses less water while maintaining maximum flushing power, it's clear that Toto prioritizes both style and sustainability. Plus, features like the Cefiontect glaze make cleaning a breeze. Whether you're in the market for a new toilet or a replacement, Toto's selection, including the popular Drake model, is sure to have a wall-mounted or stock option that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.



    When it comes to finding the perfect toilet model for your bathroom, there are endless options to choose from. However, the Toto was consistently proven to be a top choice for homeowners and contractors alike. The Toto Ultramax II and Carlyle II are both great options for one piece toilets with impressive flushes of 600 and 700 grams respectively. For even more power, the Nexus One piece skirted toilet flushes at an impressive 1000 grams. But, if you're in the market for a two piece toilet, the Toto Drake II is a popular choice with its double cyclonic flushing system and Cefiontect glaze. Plus, with matte black trip levers in stock and 10" & 14" Rough-in adapters available for replacement, the Toto brand truly has it all when it comes to toilets. Trust in their quality and choose a Toto toilet model for your next bathroom project. Opting for Toto toilet models, regardless of the type, assures consumers of a high-performing, water-efficient, and reliable replacement for their old toilets and tank parts.


    Replacement parts 

    When it comes to high-quality toilets, few brands can match the reputation of Toto Canada customer service. Offering a diverse range of variable models, Toto toilets are designed to last a lifetime. However, like all fixtures, Toto toilets can experience wear and tear over time. From flapper gaskets to the bowl gasket, trip lever to even tank lids, there are several parts that might need replacement to keep your Toto toilet functioning at its best. Thankfully, we stock all necessary Toto repair parts, ensuring that you can keep your Toto toilet in pristine condition for years to come. Don't let a worn-out part compromise the performance of your Toto toilet - trust us to help you find the ideal replacement part.

    When it comes to updating your bathroom, Toto toilet styles stand out as a top choice for their variety and quality. Whether you prefer the versatility of a dual flush tank or the space-saving design of an in wall toilet, Toto has got you covered with stylish and functional options. What's more, their eco-friendly models offer the perfect balance of water efficiency and performance, flushing just 1.28 gallons per use. When it comes to finishes, you can't go wrong with the classic look of Cotton White, which is usually in stock. But if you want to add something a bit more unique, Bone is available as a special order. Trust Toto to give your bathroom a modern and practical upgrade.

    Replacement Flappers

    If you are in the market for parts to repair your toto toilet, chances are, you have come across the brand Toto. Known for their innovative designs and superior quality, Toto toilets are top of the line. When it comes time to replace a flapper, the THU500 is the universal option recommended by the manufacturer. However, for some 2-piece toilets, the Thu257 or the Thu303 may be necessary. To determine which flapper your toilet requires, check inside the tank for the model number. With proper maintenance and the right parts, your Toto toilet is sure to provide you with many years of reliable use. Trust in the Toto brand for exceptional performance and peace of mind.

    Trip Lever replacements

    If you're experiencing problems with your Toto toilet, it could be your trip lever, don't panic! check inside the tank for the model number. Toto has revamped its design and made improvements to prevent these issues from occurring. The trip lever plays a key role in the functionality of your toilet's flush, and a broken one can be quite a nuisance. Fortunately, Toto has taken steps to ensure that such problems are a thing of the past. With their newly designed trip levers, you can rest assured that you'll enjoy a reliable flush every time. So, if you're in need of a trip, repair or lever replacement, look no further than Toto. They've got you covered!

    Fill valves

    If you find you're in need of a new fill valve for your Toto toilet, the universal TSU99A is an excellent option to consider. This top-quality valve is specially designed to regulate the flow of water into your toilet tank, ensuring a consistent and efficient flush every time you need to use the bathroom. With the Toto brand name, you can rest assured that this product is made from the highest quality materials and engineered for long-lasting durability. To determine the best replacement valve for your needs, simply check inside your toilet tank to locate the model number of your Toto toilet. From there, it's a simple matter of selecting the appropriate valve and enjoying improved water efficiency and performance for your home.


    Take a look at our extensive selection of TOTO products or visit the TOTO Canada website for even more products and information.


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    TOTO - C5 - Washlet



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