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    Replacement Filters

    Water filtration cartridges are essential for ensuring clean, safe, and great-tasting water in both residential and commercial settings. These cartridges utilize advanced filtration technology, including activated carbon and micron filters, to effectively Show more


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    EVERPURE - Drinking water replacement Cartridges
    C$ 131.04 Excl. tax
    EVERPURE - Full Flow Cartridge Replacements
    C$ 203.10 Excl. tax
    Pentair Lead Free Replacement Fliter

    Pentair Lead Free Replacement Fliter

    The Pentair Lead-Free Replacement Filter provide...
    C$ 396.80 Excl. tax
    Pentair - Rom IV - Replacement Pre & Post Filters
    C$ 363.89 Excl. tax
    Pentair - Cartridge Replacement - LVRO

    Pentair - Cartridge Replacement - LVRO

    The Pentair Everpure 2CB5-K cartridge enhances v...
    C$ 136.96 Excl. tax
    Pentair - Carbon Cartridge - LVRO

    Pentair - Carbon Cartridge - LVRO

    The Pentair Everpure Carbon Cartridge enhances L...
    C$ 136.96 Excl. tax
    Pentair - GRO-75EN R/O Membrane Cartridge -
    C$ 213.84 Excl. tax
    Pentair - pH Stabilizer (Calcite & Coconut Shell Carbon) Post RO
    C$ 36.51 Excl. tax

    Replacement Filters

    Content Description for Water Filtration Cartridges

    Water filtration cartridges are an essential component in maintaining the purity and taste of water in your home or business. These cartridges play a crucial role in a water filtration system by effectively removing contaminants, impurities, and unwanted tastes and odors from your water supply. Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, water filtration cartridges ensure that your drinking, cooking, and cleaning water is clean and healthy.

    Key Features:

    1. Advanced Filtration Technology: Utilizing a combination of activated carbon, ion-exchange resins, and micron filters, these cartridges can remove chlorine, lead, heavy metals, and organic compounds. The advanced technology ensures that water is not only safe but also has a fresh taste.

    2. Long-Lasting Performance: Designed to deliver a high volume of filtered water, these cartridges maintain optimal performance for an extended period. Depending on the model, some can filter thousands of gallons of water before needing a replacement, making them a cost-effective solution.

    3. Easy Installation and Maintenance: The cartridges are designed for hassle-free installation and are compatible with a wide range of filtration systems. Replacing them is straightforward, ensuring minimal downtime and continuous access to purified water.

    4. Eco-Friendly: By reducing dependency on bottled water, these filtration cartridges are an eco-friendly choice. They help minimize plastic waste and promote environmental sustainability.

    5. Health Benefits: Regular use of water filtration cartridges can significantly reduce the risk associated with consuming contaminated water, such as gastrointestinal diseases and exposure to toxic chemicals. They are especially beneficial in areas with hard water, helping to mitigate the effects of scale buildup and other mineral deposits.


    • Residential Use: Perfect for homeowners looking to improve the quality of their tap water for drinking, cooking, and washing.
    • Commercial Use: Essential in settings such as restaurants, hotels, and offices, where the quality of water can impact service and operation.
    • Specialty Needs: Some cartridges are designed for specific needs such as fluoride removal, which is crucial for certain health or dietary requirements.

    Choosing the Right Cartridge:

    Selecting the right water filtration cartridge depends on your specific water quality needs and the contaminants you need to target. It's advisable to test your water to determine which contaminants are present and at what concentration. This information can guide you in choosing a cartridge that best fits your requirements, ensuring that you receive the most effective filtration performance.


    Investing in high-quality water filtration cartridges is crucial for ensuring that your water is safe and pleasant to consume. Whether for a home, restaurant, or office, these cartridges provide a reliable and efficient solution to water quality issues. By choosing the right cartridge and maintaining your filtration system properly, you can enjoy the benefits of clean and healthy water every day. This is not just about convenience—it's about safety, health, and peace of mind.

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