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    Upgrade to a thermostatic shower system with Dupont Kitchen and Bath Fixtures. Enjoy consistent, safe water temperatures and high flow rates ideal for custom, luxurious showers with body jets, rain showerheads, and more. Discover how these advanced valves Show more


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    Aquabrass - Showerbox 01 -

    Aquabrass - Showerbox 01 -

    Transform your bathroom with the Shower Faucet S...
    C$ 490.88 Excl. tax
    Rubi - ON - Shower Kit 57

    Rubi - ON - Shower Kit 57

    The Rubi ON 857 Thermostatic Shower Kit, availab...
    C$ 1,222.50 Excl. tax
    Rubi - ON - Shower Kit 55

    Rubi - ON - Shower Kit 55

    The Rubi 855 Thermostatic Shower Kit blends mode...
    C$ 1,275.00 Excl. tax
    C$ 1,314.50
    C$ 985.88
    Aquabrass - INABOX - 04

    Aquabrass - INABOX - 04

    Elevate your shower experience with the Aquabras...
    C$ 985.88 Excl. tax
    Dupont Kit - Alt 2 -

    Dupont Kit - Alt 2 -

    Experience unparalleled luxury with the Dupont -...
    C$ 1,060.50 Excl. tax
    C$ 544.50
    C$ 408.38
    Aquabrass - INABOX - 01

    Aquabrass - INABOX - 01

    Discover the INABOX Shower System: a versatile, ...
    C$ 408.38 Excl. tax


    Thermostatic shower systems redefine the luxury shower experience by offering unparalleled control over water temperature and flow. At Dupont Kitchen and Bath Fixtures, we understand how crucial a seamless shower can be, especially for those who demand efficiency, precision, and indulgence in their bathing routines.

    What Is a Thermostatic Shower Valve?

    A thermostatic shower valve maintains your desired water temperature consistently throughout your shower. Unlike standard pressure balance valves that only prevent sudden temperature fluctuations, thermostatic valves allow you to preset the temperature. Once set, the valve automatically adjusts hot and cold water flows, preventing scalding or freezing from unexpected water pressure changes.

    Flow Rate vs. Pressure Balance Valves

    Pressure balance valves are designed primarily to protect against scalding by keeping hot and cold water in proportion when pressure drops in either supply line. However, they often limit flow rate as a trade-off for safety. Thermostatic shower valves, on the other hand, excel in delivering both consistent temperature and high flow rates. This makes them ideal for large, custom showers with multiple outlets like body jets, rain showerheads, and hand showers, each needing substantial water flow.

    Advanced Technology for Temperature Control

    Thermostatic shower systems employ advanced technology to monitor and maintain water temperature. Inside the valve, a heat-sensitive element reacts to changes in water temperature, constantly mixing hot and cold water to the preset level. If there's a sudden change in pressure or temperature in either supply line, the valve immediately adjusts to correct the balance, ensuring your shower remains stable.

    Key technological features include:

    • Thermostatic Cartridge: The valve's central component quickly detects temperature variations and adjusts hot and cold water flow.
    • Safety Stop: Limits the maximum temperature, usually set around 38°C or 100°F, to prevent scalding.
    • Flow Control: Some systems offer separate controls for temperature and flow, enabling customized settings for each shower fixture.

    Ideal for Custom Large Showers

    For those seeking an immersive shower experience, thermostatic systems offer unparalleled flexibility and luxury. They excel in delivering large volumes of water needed for custom setups, which may include:

    • Body Jets: Multiple jets strategically placed for a massage-like experience.
    • Rain Showerheads: Simulate natural rainfall, often requiring high flow rates for optimal coverage.
    • Hand Showers: Provide additional flexibility for rinsing or targeted water flow.
    • Diverter Valves: Allow switching between or using multiple fixtures simultaneously.

    The high flow rates supported by thermostatic valves mean that you can enjoy each of these features without sacrificing temperature control or water pressure.

    Restrictions in Certain Condos

    Despite their many benefits, it's essential to note that some condos may prohibit thermostatic valves due to concerns about backflow affecting neighboring units. Check your building's policies before installation to ensure compliance with their regulations. Our experts at Dupont Kitchen and Bath Fixtures can guide you through the requirements and help identify suitable alternatives if necessary.


    Thermostatic shower systems offer the ultimate in luxury, control, and safety. They ensure consistent temperatures, support high flow rates for custom setups, and add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. At Dupont Kitchen and Bath Fixtures, we have the expertise and products to help you design a system that perfectly matches your needs. Elevate your shower experience today with a thermostatic shower system that delivers consistent, reliable, and indulgent comfort.

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