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    When it comes to designing a bathroom, the layout and design of the vanity is an essential factor. Freestanding vanities offer versatility, while wall-mounted vanities are great for smaller bathrooms due to taking up less floor space. Show more


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    Stonetouch - Runway

    Stonetouch - Runway

    Discover the Stone Touch Runway Wallmount Vanity...
    C$ 1,121.25 Excl. tax
    Stonewood - 42" - Vanity

    Stonewood - 42" - Vanity

    Introducing Stonewood's 42" Vanity! Our vanities...
    C$ 1,433.00 Excl. tax
    Stonewood - 36" - Dresser Style - Vanity
    C$ 1,158.00 Excl. tax
    Stonewood - 48" - Vanity

    Stonewood - 48" - Vanity

    Now you can add a stunning, distinctive look to ...
    C$ 1,494.00 Excl. tax
    Stonewood - 30" - Vanity

    Stonewood - 30" - Vanity

    Introducing the Stonewood - 30" - Vanity. This n...
    C$ 1,056.00 Excl. tax
    KUBEBATH - 30" - Bliss

    KUBEBATH - 30" - Bliss

    Bring the ultimate beauty and sophistication to ...
    C$ 863.01 Excl. tax
    Stonewood - 54" - Vanity

    Stonewood - 54" - Vanity

    Introducing Stonewood 54" Vanity the perfect ba...
    C$ 1,679.00 Excl. tax
    KUBEBATH - 60" Double - Bliss - Vanity

    KUBEBATH - 60" Double - Bliss - Vanity

    Elevate your bathroom with the elegant KUBEBATH ...
    C$ 1,637.38 Excl. tax
    Classic Brand - 72" Double - Vanity

    Classic Brand - 72" Double - Vanity

    Upgrade your decor with the Classic Brand 72" Do...
    C$ 1,839.20 Excl. tax


    Consider the size of your bathroom when choosing a vanity 

    When it comes to bathroom vanities, size definitely matters. Choosing the right sized vanity for your bathroom can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of the space. If you have a large bathroom, you might consider a beautiful double sink vanity that not only looks stylish but also provides ample counter space and storage. However, if you have a smaller bathroom, like a powder room, opting for a sleek single sink vanity might be the smarter choice in terms of optimizing space. No matter the size of your bathroom, there are bathroom vanities out there that are perfect for you. So take some time to consider your options and choose a vanity that not only fits your space but also complements your personal style.


    Understand your style preferences and choose accordingly 

    As you embark on the journey of creating your dream bathroom, one of the most important decisions you will make is whether to choose a single sink or double sink. This choice not only affects the functionality of your bathroom, but also its style. With options ranging from traditional to modern, transitional to eclectic, you'll want to consider your personal preferences before making a decision. At the end of the day, the sinks are just one piece of the puzzle. Assessing your style preferences will ensure your bathroom vanity feels like a unified space. So why not take your time to shop online and really get a feel for what speaks to you? Your bathroom is a space where you start and end your day, so making sure it's perfectly aligned with your style is crucial.


    Look for quality features in the bathroom vanity you buy

    When it comes to buying a bathroom vanity, it's important to look for quality features that ensure longevity and durability. Door material is a significant factor, with some brands offering options like HDF, MDF, maple, and oak. Equally important is cabinet construction; some vanity models are built to last, resembling solid furniture with sturdiness to match, while others can be flimsy and prone to wear and tear. Another key feature is drawer construction - choosing dovetail construction ensures that drawers will last for years to come, whereas stapled drawers may fall apart over time. Finally, look for hardware that is equipped with slow-closing mechanisms to prevent damage from slamming doors. With these quality materials and features in mind, you're sure to find a vanity that is built to last and worth your investment.


    Be sure to measure the space before you buy a bathroom vanity 

    When it comes to upgrading your bathroom, selecting the perfect vanity is crucial. But before you choose a stylish option, it's essential to measure the available space. While some bathrooms may require small wall-mount vanities and sinks with single hole faucets, others may have more room for a luxurious, freestanding option. That's why it's important to take your time and measure your space correctly. Wall-mount vanities, in particular, are great at creating an illusion of space, making your bathroom feel larger than it actually is. By taking these factors into account, you can find the best bathroom vanities in Oshawa, GTA, or near you, that fit both your style and your bathroom space.

    Small bathroom

    Designing a small bathroom can be challenging, but fear not - we have solutions that will help you create the perfect space. When it comes to finding the right vanity, wall-mount options are an excellent choice. They can free up valuable floor space and allow you to showcase your beautiful tile work from wall to wall. To maximize your available area, consider adding storage options like drawers or cabinets to your vanity.

    Don't forget about lighting! Adding lights under your vanity can make all the difference. With our expert tips and tricks, you can transform your limited bathroom space into a functional and stylish oasis. Learn more about choosing the perfect vanity for your small bathroom today.

    Large bathroom

    A large bathroom is not only practical but can also offer a sense of elegance and relaxation. One of the biggest advantages of having a spacious area is the ability to have double sink vanities, paired with a widespread faucet that feels luxurious. Imagine walking into your own personal oasis bath, complete with a freestanding bathtub and a separate couples steam shower, all surrounded by warm brown wood tones, creating spa vibes that invite you to unwind. With a large bathroom, the possibilities are endless, and a little creativity can go a long way in transforming it into an oasis you'll never want to leave.


    Decide between freestanding or wall-mounted vanities 

    Choosing the best modern bathroom vanity can seem like a daunting task. One of the first decisions you'll need to make is whether you want a freestanding or wall-mounted vanity. It's important to consider the depth of the bathroom vanity countertop and how it will impact the functionality of your space. Freestanding vanities offer versatility and can be moved around easily, while wall-mounted vanities are great for smaller bathrooms because they take up less floor space. Additionally, don't forget to think about the mirrors that will go above your bathroom vanities. Whether you choose a separate mirror or an integrated one, make sure it's the right size for your space and complements your design aesthetic. Ultimately, your decision between freestanding or wall-mounted vanities should reflect your personal needs and style preferences, but don't be afraid to consult with a professional to help guide you towards the perfect choice for your modern bathroom project.


    Take advantage of different materials to get the best look and feel for your bathroom vanity

    When it comes to designing or renovating your bathroom, the materials you choose can make all the difference in achieving the perfect look and feel. Beige and brown hues are a great starting point, as they provide a neutral canvas to work with. By incorporating different textures and colors, you can create a unique and cohesive design that speaks to your personal style. For example, using natural wood accents and ceramic tiles can add warmth and depth to the space. Alternatively, incorporating metallic finishes like brass or copper can bring the room a touch of glamour and sophistication. By taking advantage of the vast array of materials available, you can create a bathroom that not only looks stunning but feels like a peaceful oasis in your home.


    So, whether you're looking for bathroom vanities Oshawa, or bathroom vanities GTA, or even bathroom vanities Toronto area, shopping online for the perfect vanity that fits your style and bathroom project has never been easier. With a wide range of options, including cheap bathroom vanities with sink or cheap bathroom vanities with top, vanity cabinets, affordable prices, and high-quality materials, you're sure to find the ideal bathroom vanity - with the extensive collection we carry - that meets your needs and elevates your bathroom space for that instant makeover. Start shopping now to create your dream bathroom oasis.

    Looking for the best place for bathroom vanities, look no further we sell affordable bathroom vanities, stop by at Dupont Kitchen & Bath Fixtures today and we will help you out with your next bathroom renovation!


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