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    When it comes to melding the epitome of British craftsmanship with modern styling, few luxury decorative plumbing brands stand out as prominently as ROHL. With a range of exquisite collections, including ACQUI, APOTHECARY, AMAHLE, GRACELINE, LOMBARDIE, ECLISSI, PALLADIAN, MISCELO, VIAGGIO, TENERIFE, and SAN GIOVANNI, ROHL elevates the very meaning ... Show more


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    When it comes to melding the epitome of British craftsmanship with modern styling, few luxury decorative plumbing brands stand out as prominently as ROHL. With a range of exquisite collections, including ACQUI, APOTHECARY, AMAHLE, GRACELINE, LOMBARDIE, ECLISSI, PALLADIAN, MISCELO, VIAGGIO, TENERIFE, and SAN GIOVANNI, ROHL elevates the very meaning of a life well-crafted. In each design—whether it's bathroom faucets adorned in polished chrome or kitchen faucets glinting in satin and polished nickel throughout—there lies the touch of a single master craftsman whose artisan skills set ROHL apart from the competition.

    From the opulent hues of satin english gold to the understated elegance of polished chrome and nickel, every ROHL faucet embodies a level of luxury that's more than just skin deep. The brand’s commitment to excellence doesn’t merely rest on its stunning aesthetic appeal; it's embedded in the very foundation of its engineering and design principles. This article takes you on a journey through ROHL's distinct collections, highlighting the unique aspects that make them the first choice among those who value a life well crafted.

    So, if you're contemplating a home makeover or building your dream space from scratch, this is your guide to understanding why ROHL bathroom and kitchen faucets deserve a place in your home's most intimate sanctuaries.


    Authentic Luxury – Faucets and Fixtures of Unique Provenance

    In a world awash with mass-produced, generic bathroom and kitchen faucets, ROHL Faucets stand as a paragon of uniqueness and artisanal quality. But what drives this uniqueness? The answer lies in its unique story, one steeped in timeless classicism and cutting edge precision engineering both.

    The Unique Story Behind ROHL

    ROHL didn't just appear on the scene; it was carefully cultivated with a profound understanding of what luxury means. Born out of a commitment to deliver timeless design with a touch of European panache, each collection—from bathtub faucets to shower systems and shower kits—sings its own story in poetic verse in the grand narrative that is ROHL.

    At the heart of the ROHL brand is a tradition that respects the role of the single master craftsman—the one artisan responsible for realizing a vision from concept to final product. This deep-seated commitment to craftsmanship is more than a company ethos; it’s a family legacy. Thus, ROHL faucets don't merely function; they tell a tale of brilliant engineering and design excellence combined.

    Quality Beyond Comparison

    When you choose a used ROHL bathroom faucet, you're not just selecting a fixture; you're investing in a piece of art that elevates your daily life. The focus on quality extends beyond the visible surface. ROHL’s bathtub faucets, for instance, are not just statements in modern styling; they are backed by a level of engineering that ensures longevity and flawless operation.

    Every material, whether polished chrome or a satin nickel english gold, is chosen with the highest standards of quality in mind. The gleam of polished nickel and the subdued grace of satin nickel aren't mere aesthetic choices; they are the results of a highly controlled and exacting process which ensures each product's durability and function.

    Design Excellence Combined with Engineering Prowess

    ROHL transcends the boundaries between form and function. With a design philosophy that balances European flair with timeless classicism, each ROHL product stands as a masterpiece. Be it the high-arc of a kitchen faucet that adds a dramatic focal point or the understated elegance of a shower kit designed for optimum comfort, ROHL takes pride in its ability to deliver both beauty and performance in equal measure.


    By choosing ROHL, you’re not just opting for a faucet; you're embracing a lifestyle where design excellence authentic luxury, and brilliant engineering coalesce, elevating the ordinary into the extraordinary. In the realm of luxury decorative plumbing brands, ROHL unquestionably sets the standard. So, as you contemplate your next home project or renovation, remember that ROHL doesn't just offer fixtures; it offers a way of living that is, truly, a life well crafted.


    A Life Well Crafted: The Last Word on ROHL Faucets

    When weighing the balance between quality and cost, the Rohl prices become not just an expenditure but an investment—an investment in a life well crafted. Comparable to the finest jewelry the world's finest jewelry, each piece in the complete collection is a testament to the perfect harmony of origin and specialized techniques.

    Specialized Techniques and Uncompromised Quality

    ROHL's commitment to quality is not an outcome of mere assembly but of a highly specialized set of techniques employed by master craftsmen. Every curve, every finish—from polished chrome to satin english gold—is the result of countless hours of labor. And this craftsmanship isn't just British; it's a global standard. In Canada, ROHL is considered the epitome of luxury with a North American flair, seamlessly incorporating the continent's diverse stylistic influences new techniques into its collections.

    The Global Reach of ROHL Canada

    What started as a brand deeply rooted in British craftsmanship has expanded its reach to become a global phenomenon. ROHL Canada has become a cornerstone in the world of luxury plumbing fixtures, capturing the North American market with its unique blend of European design and North American practicality.

    Concluding Thoughts

    In our quest for luxury and comfort, it's rare to find a brand that provides both in spades, unifying style with functionality. ROHL stands as a shining beacon in the world of bathroom and kitchen faucets, delivering not just products but a complete lifestyle—a life well crafted, indeed.

    So, whether you're contemplating a small-scale bathroom update or planning an opulent kitchen overhaul, remember that ROHL offers more than just bathroom faucets, and fixtures. It presents an opportunity to adorn your most intimate spaces with what can only be described as functional artistry, making every day a little more extraordinary.


    From its impeccable engineering to its masterful design, ROHL doesn’t just set the standard—it is the standard. Consider this not just an end but an invitation to explore ROHL's complete collection, a treasure trove of unparalleled quality and that deliver timeless design and elegance.

    I trust this conclusion encapsulates the value and exceptional nature of ROHL's offerings, persuading and informing your readers about why this brand is an unmatched choice in the world of luxury fixtures.


    Frequently asked Questions


    Is Rohl a luxury brand?

    Yes, ROHL is unequivocally considered a luxury brand in the world of decorative plumbing fixtures. With its timeless designs, commitment to craftsmanship, and use of premium materials, ROHL offers an exceptional range of bathroom and kitchen faucets that epitomize a life well crafted.

    Is Rohl owned by Moen?

    No, ROHL is not owned by Moen. ROHL operates as its own distinct brand, renowned for its unique blend of European panache and timeless classicism. However, both ROHL and Moen fall under the Fortune Brands Home & Security family of brands, which means they share a commitment to quality and design excellence.

    Who owns the House of Rohl?

    The House of Rohl is part of the Fortune Brands Home & Security Inc., a leading home and security products company. While being part of a larger family of brands, the House of Rohl maintains its distinct identity, specializing in luxury plumbing fixtures and shower systems that boast of both design sophistication and brilliant engineering.

    Is ROHL high end?

    Absolutely. ROHL is a high-end brand that caters to a discerning clientele looking for more than just functional fixtures. With its specialized techniques and focus on artisan craftsmanship, ROHL offers an array of products that are as durable and functional as they are elegant and luxurious.

    Where is Rohl manufactured?

    ROHL products are manufactured across various global locations, each specialized for a certain type of craftsmanship or material. However, a significant portion of their products boast of British craftsmanship, staying true to the brand’s roots in timeless design and quality engineering.

    Where are ROHL faucets manufactured?

    ROHL faucets are manufactured in several world-renowned facilities across Europe and North America. Each facility specializes in a specific type of manufacturing technique or finish, ensuring that every ROHL faucet meets the brand's stringent standards for quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.


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