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    Friday 22 January 2023


    When it comes to improving your quality of life, a little improvement goes a long way. And such is the case when considering adding bidets to the bathrooms in your home. A bidet can provide numerous benefits for people of all ages and abilities that can improve both their physical health as well as peace-of-mind. As more and more homeowners are making the switch and installing bidets, they recognize how having this type of restroom fixture adds convenience, improved hygiene, and grace to any modern bathroom design. With these benefits in mind, this article aims to explore why bidets are an increasingly popular addition to homes across the globe—and how they may just be able to improve your quality of life!


    Bidets are plumbing fixtures specifically designed for personal hygiene. Bidet seats look similar to toilet seats, but they have an additional function: they allow you to clean yourself after using the restroom. Bidet seats usually have a nozzle or shower head that sprays water, and some also have powerful dryers. Nowadays, Bidet Seats are often referred to as Washlet Seats, which is a brand name used by the company Toto. However, you don't need specialized bidet-transformable toilets in order to use a Bidet Seat; many can be fitted on existing toilets through brackets or cradles and provide all the same cleaning benefits of Bidets.


    A bidet offers many benefits for users, from increased independence in the bathroom to being shower-fresh all day. By using a bidet for post-toilet hygiene, individuals can avoid the hassle of cleaning up with toilet paper and wet wipes. The bidet uses a gentle stream of water that helps to reduce skin irritation and decrease chances of infection. In addition, the use of warm water can increase comfort during the cleaning process by providing soothing temperature for those who experience discomfort when using cold water. Not only is it more sanitary than traditional alternatives, but it also saves time and money on bathroom supplies. So if you are looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to stay clean and stay independent in the bathroom - adding a bidet to your hygiene routine is definitely a great option!


    Installing a bidet seat in your home can be an incredibly convenient and hygienic upgrade. Although the installation process may seem daunting, it is actually quite straightforward as long as you follow the instruction manual that comes with your product. This typically requires mounting the bidet seat onto your toilet, connecting it to the water supply, and making sure that everything is properly sealed. If you are still uncertain about the process, there are plenty of online resources available to help guide you through the process. Follow these instructions carefully and before long you will be enjoying all of the benefits that come with having a bidet in your home!


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