How to disassemble a bathroom faucet

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How to disassemble a bathroom faucet

Got a Leaky faucet but dont want to call a plumber? got the tools but just need a little push in the right direction to get our faucet issues sorted out? you have come to the right place

How to disassemble a bathroom faucet


Looking to dissemble your bathroom faucet? Whether it’s a single or double handle faucet here’s what you need to know.


Bathroom faucets house usually one or two handle designs, with new faucets also available from our parts counter or showroom in store. However, what happens if something goes wrong and you have no idea how to change and or disassemble the faucet?


Many people find themselves in this situation, however, not for long! Here’s how to disassemble a bathroom faucet.


However, first here’s the tools you’ll need – either a pair of pliers or a wrench, a set of Allen keys, and a good old trusty screw driver.


Tools required:


  1. Pliers/wrench
  2. Allen keys
  3. Screw driver


Let’s begin with single-handle faucets


To begin, you want to switch off the water by using the two shut-off valves usually located below the sink. Once the water is switched off, you then want to take hold of the faucet and remove the screw from the middle – lifting the handle off the faucet exposing the cartridge which is held in by a retaining nut of metal clip - we recommend a pair of pliers for this, having the handle free in no time whatsoever.


What about dual-handle faucets?


Dual-handle faucets are a little more tricky. However, to begin ensure the water is turned off using the two shut-off valves located below the sink. Next, just like with when dissembling a single-handle faucet, remove the screw from the middle the faucet allowing you to lift the handle offt, if this doesn’t work some handles must be removed by unthreading the shroud below the handle, achieved by slowly lifting the handle and shroud trim off together.


However, if the handle is corroded you may wish to try using a handle puller instead – position this around the bottom of the handle and turn in a clockwise direction to start lifting the handle up. This should remove the handle off the faucet with ease, just make sure you’re holding onto something!...


Hopefully, you’ve made it in once piece. If so, next you want to disconnect the large nut that surrounds the base of the faucet – this can be done with a wrench. Once this is loose, you can lift the faucet from the faucet housing/counter (we’re nearly there!).





Looking for a replacement? 


If upon disassembling your faucet, whether this is a single or double handle and you’ve realized you’ve made a mistake, broken a part or need a replacement, you can bring in your faucet handle and cartridge and we’ll identify a replacement at our parts counter in store.


As well as this, we can also offer advice and point you in the right direction for expert help.


Likewise, if you’re unsure of what tools and supplies you may need for the job, or are simply after some general advice give us a call and our fantastic customer support team will be on hand to help you out, saving you time drive to visiting the shop.



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