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    Monday 10 November 2022


    A clean sink is the cornerstone of a well-run home. Not only is it a necessity for meal prep, but it's also where we wash our hands, brush our teeth, and rinse off dishes. So it's no surprise that a dirty sink can make us feel stressed and overwhelmed. Luckily, with a little elbow grease (and the right cleaning supplies), you can get your granite kitchen sink sparkling clean in no time. Here's how:

    Hard Water Stains - Light Cleaning


    Step 1 - Rinse with hot water

    Step 2 - Scrub the sink with sponge scrub side - use mild dish soap and warm water

    Step 3 - Rinse with warm water and dry

    Step 4 - Apply mineral oil

    Step 5 - Wait 1 minute, wipe away, and admire your freshly cleaned sink


    Hard Water Stains - Deep Cleaning


    Step 1 - Rinse with hot water 

    Step 2 - Apply baking soda all around the sink, or if you are looking to remove particular stains, you can focus on them 

    Step 3 - Apply white vinegar and let them combine - let sit for at least 30 minutes

    Step 4 - Scrub the mixture into the sink using a sponge or soft bristle brush 

    Step 5 - Rinse with warm water and dry

    Step 6 - Apply mineral oil

    Step 7 - Wait 1 minute, wipe away, and admire your freshly cleaned sink 


    *Note - You can create a paste by combining vinegar and baking soda, mix the ingredients till it forms a paste-like consistency, you can add more vinegar or water to dilute the paste if it is too thick. Allow paste to sit for at least 30 minutes.


    A clean granite kitchen sink is not only possible, but relatively easy to achieve with these simple tips. Whether you're dealing with light water stains or deep set ones, a little bit of time and effort will go a long way. So get scrubbing and enjoy your shiny new sink!



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