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    Saturday 3 March 2020


    If you haven’t heard or experienced a steam shower boy are you in for a treat. While regular showers are great, steam showers are the level up if not a couple levels higher. Steam showers combine the regular shower with hydrotherapy massage jets, and sometimes even exciting features such as music, colored lighting, and so much more – all while taking up little floor space.

    Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, fortunately for you steam showers do exactly that – slowly dominating the shower game one bathroom at a time.


    So, how exactly do these steam showers work? 

    Just like a regular shower, steam showers are a simple enclosure- it’s a small stall/space which does not allow moisture to leave the shower – thus creating the steam effect.

    You see, a steam shower without using the steam function is essentially just a regular shower, with some additional functions, of course. However, once you hit the steam button the shower’s steam generator heats the water to boiling temperature and outputs this in the form of steam – luxurious, right?

    The steam temperature can usually be adjusted in the shower, the lighting changed, and in some cases, sound systems to blast your favorite songs to your morning steam.

    Now that we know how steam showers work, what exactly are the benefits? Besides blasting Taylor Swift first thing in the morning whilst in a sea of deep fog and luxury?


    What are the benefits of steam showers? 

    Despite steam showers housing some impressive abilities, what exactly are the benefits of steam showers? From clearing nasal passages to improved mental health here’s what you should know.


    1. Clearing nasal passages

    You’ve probably heard that steam is good for a cold, it helps clear your nasal passages and mucus out of your system, allowing you to feel much better. While a long regular shower has a similar effect, a steam shower really emphasizes the ‘steam’ aspect, doing a great job of clearing your nasal passages and having you back to top-notch health in no time whatsoever.


    2. Steam is good for your skin

    Alongside cleaning nasal passages, steam is actually good for your skin. This allows the opening of pours reducing pimples and blackhead occurrence – an ideal home beauty routine.


    3. They are relaxing!

    Last but not least, steam showers are relaxing. The thought of steaming to some mood lighting, your favorite music, massage hydro jets, and a low water bill (another perk) really can’t be beaten. Steam showers have been shown to be good for your mental health, for this reason, taking the phrase “self-care” to an entirely new level.


    Steam showers work like regular showers without using the steam function, however, once turned on the water heats up and produces a steam function which houses many benefits. If you’re looking for a steam shower in the Canada area, be sure to check out our website by clicking here.


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