Riobel iShower Kit90IS

Riobel iShower Kit90IS

  • An electronic controlled Thermostatic and Pressure Balance Valve shower system operated via a "touch-key-pad", coupled together in a contemporary design, available in a Chrome or Polished-Nickel finish.

  • Riobel iShower Kit90IS is comprised of the following Riobel shower components:
       - a 15" square recessed Ceiling Tile Shower Head
       - "Balnea" Shower Rail with Hand Shower, Hose and
          a square Wall Union
       - four square Tile Body Sprays
       - 3/4" Electronic Thermostatic/PressureBalance Valve
          with Diverter and Stops
       - Touch Activated Key-Pad.

  • Riobel's iShower electronic valve can be used with any style of shower components -- shown here is only one example of a contemporary style, being Kit90IS.

  • Below are photographs of the electronic valve, one shows the inside of the valve, and the other the outside of the valve, mounted in a discreet yet accessible location between two 2x4 studs.
Riobel iShower Electronic Shower Valve