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Franke Fireclay Kitchen Sinks

Franke Fireclay Kitchen Sinks
  • Shown is Franke's Fireclay VNK120-37 available in five colors.

  • Classic Franke design fashioned by Villeroy & Boch in fireclay, have a sculptural quality possible only with this exceptional material.

  • Fired at 2,200 degrees, fireclay is extremely hard and virtually scratch proof with the exclusive CeramicPlus finish that is hygienic with an ultra-smooth, dirt repellent surface.

  • Model shown: recommended 39" minimum cabinet size.

  • Franke's fireclay line has several models available:
      - 4 double bowl models; and,
      - 6 single bowl models;
      - 8 apron front models.

  • Dimensions may vary by 2% (plus or minus) due to material attributes and firing process.