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MAAX Exhibit Bathtubs

MAAX Exhibit Bathtubs
  • Modern bathtub designed for recessed installation with integrated flat apron and tiling flange.

  • Available as a soaker-tub, airtub, whirlpool, or combination.

  • Features include discreet armrests, textured bottom, and access panel on integrated apron when ordered with a system.

  • Available as Left Hand or Right Hand model.

  • Optional 3" Above-the-Floor-Rough (AFR) leaves enough space to pipe directly under the tub to the floor drain to help you avoid breaking ground.
  • Two size models available:
    -Exhibit 6030: 60"x30"x18"high (AFR model 20-1/2"high)
    -Exhibit 6032: 60"x32"x18"high (AFR model 20-1/2"high